Total War Warhammer II High Elf Playthrough – Tyrion | Hard Campaign Mode Part 1

Today The Fed56 starts his Total War Warhammer II high elf playthrough, here’s part 1, on Total War: Warhammer II PC.
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Welcome to my Total War Warhammer II high elf walkthrough style video! This is the Total War Warhammer II hard campaign where we’ll be playing as the Warhammer II high elves. Tyrion will be our character and we’re going to try our best to take control of the Great Vortex. We’re just getting started in this part, but we do end up getting into one epic battle! I hope you enjoy and be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified when the next part gets uploaded!

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Monster Hunter: World Story Walkthrough Let’s Play – The Best Kind of Hunt – Part 4

Today The Fed56 resumes his Monster Hunter World story walkthrough let’s play. Here’s part 4, featuring Monster Hunter: World The Best Kind of Hunt.

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As a HUGE fan of the Monster Hunter franchise (since the days of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, on the PlayStation Portable), I am delighted to bring this Let’s Play to you, and hope you enjoy the Monster Hunter gameplay. In this episode, we’re escorting a caravan and battling against the Barroth to continue the story quests. This is part 4 to our Monster Hunter: World PS4 Pro Let’s Play, and we have plenty more videos to come! As always, I hope you enjoy this Monster Hunter: World Let’s Play and be sure to subscribe to the channel to be notified when the next part gets uploaded!

This is a fan made video, and is not sponsored or endorsed by the creators or owners of this game. All gameplay for Monster Hunter: World is currently recorded from a PS4 Pro.

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Personally, I am a PC gamer through and through, believing the PC gamer to be a so-called master race (for want of a better word). However, if there is a really good game on ps4 pro or xbox one x, I have been known to defect 🙂

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